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Name: Tenzo
Born:  April 10, 2003 in Minnesota (that makes me an Aries)
Weight: "Almost" 4 pounds 
Hair: Sable (white paws, black tail, ears and beard)
Eyes: Black
Nose: Black
Adopted: June 23, 2003 by John and Laura
Residence: Primary Chicago and Vacation privileges in Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite Sport: Soccer (I love my soccer ball)
Favorite Sports Figure: Michael Jordan (he runs with his tongue sticking out just like me!)
Favorite Role Model: Napoleon (Who are you calling short?)
Favorite Movie: "Return of the Jedi" (people comment on my amazing resemblance to the true stars of the movies-the Ewoks)
Likes: People, dogs, food, naps, playtime, outside, inside, showers, flowers, treats, my cage, getting my tummy rubbed, toys…
Dislikes: Well, I haven't met a cat yet so I'm not sure…but otherwise I love everything
Theme Song: "Cause he's got PERSONALITY"

Welcome to my Daily Blog!

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Tenzo Blog #9 Back in Chicago



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