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 My time at the Grandparents

Week 1


Tenzo Gram #1

I miss you a lot.  Hope you miss me.  I'll be waiting for you so don't worry if I'll be ready.  I'm ready!
The ride here was alright, although I should have been going west, not east.
I walked around the building unit a total of 4 times and did go to the bathroom outside.  They seemed pleased with that.
On the other hand, I also went to the bathroom inside - ha, ha.  I peed on the kitchen floor.  This they didn't like
This morning I pooped on the kitchen floor.  I tried to warn her - - I coughed or barked, I couldn't tell which, and she ignored me so I went right there.
One of these days they'll get the message and take me home.
The big guy took me out at 3:00a.m. - it was raining at the time.  I did pee a little, but I didn't get a piece of a biscuit.  He took me out again at six, but I didn't go.
Both of them had me out this morning. Sometimes I go, sometimes not. 
It's muggy and warm.  There's still a hint of rain in the air.
I'm not eating that well, maybe it's a time-zone thing.  They're thinking of switching me to the vet's choice for food.



Tenzo Gram #2

I was mortified.
We went for a walk on this jogging/walk trail and everyone kept saying, "look a the cute Puppy".  Even a lady walking two white Maltese brothers went ga-ga.  Girls on bikes, girls on in-line skates.  Even a man on a bike made a comment.  Kids.  People walking by just smiling at me.
Other dogs stopped and their owners made gratuitous comments.
Don't they know I'm a temple dog?  A guard dog if you will that can strike fear into the hearts of the unsuspecting?
It was hot.  Felt like it was in the higher 80's with about a 90% humidity reading.  I was told, think Houston for Jennifer's wedding.  Anyway I ran/walked fast for one whole mile.  Rather proud of myself.
When we came back, I cooled off a bit and then ate most of my morning 3 ounces.
I'll probably write tomorrow unless they do something stupid.



Tenzo Gram #3

I went to the pet store last night.  They bought me a new harness.  This one is a little larger.  The lady that works in the store said my old one would only last one more week - it was getting too small.  They also bought me another chew toy (which is why we went in the first place).  I have been chewing a lot, but that's to be expected.  They also bought a treat for my gums and teeth and the lady threw in another breath chew. 
I pooped on the carpet downstairs when he was on the computer.  I also peed on the rug below the ironing board.  Is that all the places you told me to go???  So far, we did upstairs and downstairs.  I having a tough time getting into the bedroom.  But, I'll keep trying.



Tenzo Gram #4

So much to tell, so little time.
Last night we played come in the yard.  I must have run back and forth between them,   They were about 30-40 feet apart.  They thought saying "come" would get me to run to the other (which it did), but I ran back and forth on my own too.  Later it rained (lots of lightening and thunder).  I finally had a BM and she was happy.  Then I went downstairs and played "come" in the TV room.  I'd run out of the room, he would say "come" and I would come barreling back in and screeching to a halt at his feet.  Then to sleep.
Oh yes, I almost forgot.  He made an appointment for me next Tuesday with the vet.  I have to make sure to take my papers in as well as a stool sample.  Then he called a groomer place (recommended by the vets office) to schedule a trim.  They said it would take 3 hours.  It's in Great Southern Shopping Center in Bridgeville by his old office.
So far this day is like no other.  I've set personal bests in several categories.
1.  I slept all night and didn't get up until they did.  All told, I guess about 7 hours.  I did my ablations and then she left for work.  The muted cries he heard were in his mind.  But, truth be told, I did miss her.  She did say her worker friends want to know when she'll bring me in.  I think they decided tomorrow.
2.  I set my personal Pennsylvania world record walk today.  We went 3 miles.  It was muggy and warm, but I hung in there.
3.  It's embarrassing when he tells the ladies on the path I'm a chick magnet.  'Course they all laugh.  Most want to know what could be so adorable and will tickle or give me a quick rub.
4.  Later today we may go to his old office.  I'll have to let you know later.  Right now I think I will close my eyes and check to see if the lids have any holes.



Tenzo Gram 4, part 2

Everyone at the office thought I was cute, adorable and a wonderful puppy.  Tom T laughed at the way my tongue sticks out when I'm being held.  I went to the bathroom before I left so there were no problems. 
This afternoon I pretty much slept the day away.  He went to the gym but left the radio on since it makes me feel like I'm around people.
This evening we went running again.  More "Come, Tenzo" and I have to barrel as fast as I can between them.  Then I walked around the building 3 -4 times.  I ate all my kibble (yuck).  The Bacon treat bone I had last night was great.  Hope I get another tonight.



Tenzo Gram 5

Well we packed up and headed to G'Mom's office.  But... he promised to show me to the girls in the bank, so we had to stop there first.  Typical (yawn) - he's so cute, what an adorable face, oh what a lovely puppy, etc.  Well for that I insisted they give me a treat which they did.  Overall, nice bank.  Friendly and all.
Then off to the big corporate edifice.  Couldn't get in until the receptionist opened the door.  Then my dear G'Mom appeared and swooped me up and then I got the royal tour (although upside down for much of it).  All the professional nurses, therapists, executives did was repeat what I hear every day on the path.  In fact 5 of them said they would gladly have me become a permanent member of their households.  Numerous others volunteered to baby sit (whatever that means).
When we left it was raining and you know how it is during those days.  I slept downstairs for nearly 2 1/2 hours.  Then when he got me up to go to the BR, I'd come in and fall asleep again.
Then G'Mom came home and I'm with her now while he grumpily goes his way.  Talk to you soon.  Hope to see you sooner.



Tenzo Gram 6

Rough night!  He put me out right before going to bed (I didn't have to go) and then into the crate.  I decided to whine and cry until she got up and the  back in.  So I did it again and he came out and he took me outside.  After walking around in the driveway for about 10 minutes, back into the crate.  Then we all slept.  I did it to see how far I can push.
This morning, out to pee.  Waited around for about 5 minutes and had a BM.  A lady drove done the street.  Jammed on the breaks about 40ft down, threw open the door and ran up to see me.  Same old, same old... "I just had to stop and see your dog" (as though I am his).  She thought I was the cutest thing.  She scratched my head, etc., got into her car and went to work.  A short time later we went again on another 3 mile walk.  Still very humid and hot.  Back at the car I had another BM.   I'm guessing we do the 3 miles in 50 - 55+ minutes.  Then when we came home, he brushed me.  I'm definitely loosing hair.  Every day he gets at least as much hair as you shed mom.  (He's wondering what other little untruths you told him, hmm?)  HE gave me a new towel that I like to chew on and have fun with.
Overall they both say I'm a good dog (but challenge nonetheless).  He has to get his haircut this morning and I heard him say he wanted to go to the gym this afternoon (as though I've prevented him from going).  He went Wednesday for gosh sakes.



Tenzo Gram 7

Well all went well until 4:30 am.  Then I decided to yowl and cry until he got up and took me outside.  Nice warm night.  I had a "dump" then he put me back in the crate and we slept until 7 am.  She got up reluctantly about 8:20.  I couldn't help myself, I started to bark at something only I could hear about 8 am.  I barked quite a bit actually.  He didn't know why and I wasn't going to tell.
Then they put me in the crate and left.  Later when they returned she said they went to breakfast and then grocery shopping.  They then took me for a walk but we only did 2 miles today.  No one stopped us to shat with me, but I caught a lot of nice comments.  They we went to Simmons farm market.  And then, we went to the pet store where she bought some more of those delicious bacon snacks.  I started on a chlorophyll one last night.  I'll finish it today.  It's supposed to give me kissable breath.
Now they are cleaning the house and complaining about how much dirtier it is since I arrived.  I'm going to sneak a nap now.

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