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 My time at the Grandparents

Week 2


Tenzo Gram Day 1




Tenzo Gram  Day 2

I'm not sure what went on over the last 18 hours.  "Aunt" and "Uncle" came and I was on my best behavior. They even commented on my disposition and politeness.  Mostly I just laid on a piece of carpet in the hall and watched them chat in the living room and then I turned around and watched them eat in the dinning room.
However, I had a bad night.  I had to keep whining to get them to take me outside.  I get back in my crate, the lights would go off and I would start again.  I must have had them up 3 or 4 times last night.  No one got much sleep.
It must have affected me too, because I peed on the just washed carpet in the kitchen (again).  She was really angry about that.
The good news is how many babes stopped to call me cute and rub my hair on the path this morning.  I had to stop 3 times today for them. 
We went 3 miles and he says I'm getting bigger (and look longer too).



Tenzo Gram Day 3

Boy, from penthouse to dog house a quick as I can hunch down.
They kept me awake from 4:00 pm to 10:30 pm and I slept all night.  Yipped around 3:30, but no one came so I went back to sleep.
Went for a walk this am, but tired out around the 2 3/4 mark.  We came home and he wanted to send an email so I pooped on the carpeting (the soft kind that got on my leash in two places and left remains on the floor that he had to wash off and scrub.  What does it mean when he says "I hope you can go home sooner than September"???  He keeps telling me I'll get mine today when I visit the vet.  What does he mean?



Tenzo Gram  Day 4

Well, we didn't go for a walk this morning.  His nose is stuffy.  I could have told him that.
I stayed wake from 3 pm until 10:15 pm and then slept the whole night through. 
He claims my BMs are getting more predictable.  6 am, about 8 - 8:30, 4:30 - 5:00, and then around 9:30 - 10 pm.  Usually I eat about 6:30 am and 6 pm.
I am looking shaggy with longer hair.  The black seems more pronounced.



Tenzo Gram Day 5

What a day... I can hardly keep my eyes open.  In fact, I'm going to take a nap and have him finish this update for me.
Well, Tenzo enjoys a nap in the morning.  Today we left for the groomers at 8:30 and I picked him up at noon.
When we went in, there were 3 standard poodles (black) and another black dog that could have been a mix of Retriever and/or something else.  All were big dogs.  Tenzo's head wouldn't touch their bellies if he walked under them.
He didn't bark or act nervous.  Easily went to the female groomer.
When I came back to pick him up, the groomer was holding him and another girl were "talking" to Tenzo.  When she saw me girl #1 (the groomer) said what a cute dog he was.  #2 agreed.  They asked if they could give him a dog cookie.  I said okay and they fed him a bite at a time.  I asked how he behaved and they said he was fine.  Even the male groomer commented on how cute he was and they all wanted to play with him.  They also thought he was cute with his tongue sticking out.  She trimmed around his paws and said he was done and brought him to me.  He wanted to stay with them.  I paid the bill ($29) and out we went.  I put him down outside the door and he wanted to go back in.
When we got to the car, I picked him up and tried to put him on the passenger seat.  He wanted to stay with me.  He settled on my lap with his head buried in my elbow and slept on and off, the whole way home.  Had a tinkle outside, came in and flopped on the floor by my seat and the table and closed his eyes.  However, if I moved out of the room he woke up and watched to make sure I didn't go to far. 
Right now he is sleeping under the computer desk.
He looks better with the shorter hair, but I'm not sure if the cut was such a great job.  His hair looks a little rough to me, like a bad cut might.  On the other hand, maybe the washed hair provides that look.  Sort of like the young male stars look today.
P.S. He stayed awake until 10:15 (with my help) and slept until 6 am when I turned the lights on.



Tenzo Gram Day 6



Tenzo Gram Day 7

Boy what a couple of days.  Friday started off normally, that is I woke around 6 am and did both my things then came back in the house.  Then around 6:30, He went to shave and shower (most unusual).  With nothing better to do, I decided I wanted to have another BM.  Again she missed my signal because she was reading the paper, so I left another BM on the small carpet in the hall between the living and dinning rooms.  She shrieked and said bad boy, but everything was cool.  She left around 7 and then He and I went outside but I just didn't have it in me anymore (ha, ha).
But, then he put me in the crate and left.  He didn't return until noon.  Later in the afternoon it rained and we had lots of lightening and thunder.  They left me again for about 1 1/2 hours and then we were together until bed-time around 10:00.  I slept until he went with me outside at 7 am so I could relieve myself.
About 9 she took me outside for another double feature and then we went to the path for a walk.  They stopped at one mile for coffee/tea and muffins.  Quite a few people stopped by including some nice kids from Erie.  A couple of ladies stopped us on our walk to run their fingers through my hair and say nice things.  He kept saying to her "see what I mean about women stopping to talk to Tenzo"?
Anyway we went to feed the car (gas) and then stopped at the grocery store.  He walked me down to the post office (where several times ladies stopped us to talk to me and tickle me.  We walked back up to the store to wait for Her and again, several more women including a cute 18-20 year old, wanted to know my name and gave me an affectionate squeeze if you know what I mean.  A young maintenance worker nearby asked what kind of dog I was, what was my name,etc.  He then offered the thought that I was a chick magnate and the young man said "yea, I just saw that girl come out of the store and stop to chat with him.  Maybe I should get me a Shih Tzu".
Then we came home and did some pruning of the bushes next to the porch. 
I think we're going down to the path tomorrow too. 




Dear Tenzo;
I'm not sure it's going to be safe for you to come home.  I caught Mom calculating the earliest possible date that she can have you 'fixed'.   Don't be fooled by the word, it doesn't 'fix' anything, in fact, it actually breaks something.
I found this cabin in the woods that you can hide in starting in October.  You can go up ahead of me and get everything straightened out.  Mom seems a little to obsessed with this 'fix'ing and I'm guessing that I may need a place to hide in June.
Take care and keep sleeping on your stomach.



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