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 My time at the Grandparents

Week 6


Tenzo Gram #1

Yesterday was not a good weather day but we did ok.  I was awake for most of the day (no real sleep in the a.m.) except for when they went shopping for 2 hours.  However, when they came back home, we went to Bruster's for some ice cream.  They gave me a little scoop in a cup.  Boy, that really tastes good on a hot, sticky day.  We played ball several times (until I kept laying down because of the humidity.  Then it rained.  I was in the grass later and I got wet not unlike when I get a bath.  G'mom wants me to keep my toys on a rug and only take one off when I want to play with it and then put it back.  I said good luck on that (ha ha).  We decide to send this picture because it shows my pink tongue.  I call it, I'm contented.
Mom, how did you do on your practice test?  Did you know I'll be back in 16 days (not counting today)?

Tenzo Gram #2

So far it has been an unusual day.  I mean we get up at the same time, I go outside and take care of business.  She leaves, then within a half hour he leaves (says he has to go to a Dr's appointment).  No sooner does he come home and off we go on another 2 mile walk.  It was pretty warm when we finished.  He was sweating a lot so I guess it got to him to.
My g'uncle Bob called last night about this virus on his machine.  They couldn't figure out how to get rid of it.  It kept turning off the machine after 54 seconds or something like that.  Supposedly they go to the registry and deleted one msblast.exe file but couldn't get rid of the other.  I know g'uncle Bob called dad, but you weren't there.  I sure hope you will be there when I come in 2+ weeks.
It's getting closer and closer... I can sense it.  The end of the month is almost here.



Tenzo Gram #3

  No news



Tenzo Gram #4

Not much news today.  He went for blood test early so I stayed home.  He tells me later today he's going to the gym.
Yesterday I had quite a bit of activity (my 2 mile walk, fetching the tennis ball (3 separate times), a walk around the complex and playing with my chew toys.  I wanted to go to sleep before 9:45 last night.  Shortly we'll go out for a bathroom break.  More later.



Tenzo Gram 5

Well he finally "fixed" the white dog so it will bark... but it won't walk like it used to.  Doesn't matter because I attacked it with a fury last night and will probably continue to do so.  He tried to weigh me (that is he got on the scale with me and then without me).  He says I'm about 11 lbs now.  In fact a lady we saw on the path this morning who recognized me from before said I was looking bigger.
He left right after g'mom to go to get his blood and bodily fluids checked (he dad to save the fluid for 24 hours).  Gross!  Anyway when he came back, he said it was going to get very warm today so we left right away for the path and got two miles in.  He was drenched and I was parched when we finished.
He proud of me because when g'mom comes home and he hears the car, he'll say, "moms here" and I run to the garage door.  This morning he said that when she came out of the bathroom but I ran to the garage door anyway.  How am I supposed to know where all the doors lead since I can't go into the bedroom?
Next door (Jernigan) thinks I'm so cute.  I think his bald head is cute so we're even.
Tomorrow he goes for a haircut so we don't know whether I will go to the office or stay home.  (I hope its the office).  Just for the morning and maybe lunch.

Tenzo Gram 6

It is hot here, so I'm staying inside more than outside.  It is not as much fun running after the ball.  Last night we went out and I just didn't feel like playing so he brought me back in.  Later she weighed me and pronounced me at 10 pounds.  He said it could have 10.5 or 11 when he told you 11.  At any rate I'm right around there.  I'm definitely stronger (and longer).  My hair is still okay but I may need another haircut in 2 or 3 weeks.   Today is his haircut day so I think I'll be alone for a couple of hours.
He watched me run in fast circles and loops this morning and wondered how that is going to go over in mom's loft.  I zip under things, around things as fast as I can.  It's just something I have to do. 
We're less than two weeks.  See you soon.



Tenzo Gram 7

Hi mom, I know you did good on your exam.  I love you a whole lot.  Now that it is over, I know we'll be seeing you soon.
I got up about 7:20 this morning.  The weather is again sticky and hot.  After they came back from breakfast and grocery shopping we went to Simmon's farm market and then down to a new place by the Meadows Race Track.  G'mom bought me a banana biscotti.  I played with it for a while and then finally ate it.
Today Rita came down with her daughters baby.  The baby's name is Katy.  I got my picture with her.  She's just a little bit bigger than me.
Talk to you tomorrow.  G'dad has to count so we'll call a little before 10:00 am.


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