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 My time at the Grandparents

Week 3


Tenzo Gram Day 1

I slept until seven this morning.  I enjoyed the rest.  They keep me up in the afternoon and evening.
But, they're walking my paws off.  We started with a two mile walk this morning which wasn't too bad.  Then we went to Simmons fruit and vegtable market (where some lady heaped praise on me) for some peaches and corn.  We came back home and then around 1:30, she gets the idea we should walk around the Peters woods lake.  It is a pretty lake with a small path that meanders through the trees (more like a forest).  I had to jump over tree branches and big twisty roots.  All told, I'm guessing it was about 2 to 3 miles to go around.  Whatever the distance, I've had my exercise for the week.
I think I'll take a nap now.



Tenzo Gram  Day 2

I only thought I had my exercise for the week.  Today we went for another 2 3/4 mile walk.  A lady stopped to talk to me.  She is owned by a Shih Tzu.  This her 2nd owner.  The first one died.  She said I looked beautiful.  Her husband came jogging up and she called for him to came say "hello" to me.  Their owner is 12 years old.  Both said my breed is a great dog.  And yet another stopped to say hi and comment about how cute I looked.  All in all, I'm not letting it go to my head, even though I know they speak the truth.
Last night I was so tired, I went into my kennel at 9 pm.  She then gave me a pretty big bone to chew on and that kept me up until 9:45.  Then he took it away and to bed I went.  I'm still sleepy this morning.



Part 2

I'm not sure what to think...  It was so horrible, I can't remember what happened except for the pain.
Let me back up.  He took me to see the vet (he said call him Greg).  When I got there a fairly old dog was sitting with a elderly couple.  I really wanted to go up to him and play kissy-face but he wouldn't let me.  I just had to get to this new creature.  But no, he flipped me over and rubbed my belly gently and you know what that does to my intentions.  Anyway, that dog was called in and after a bit they wanted my weight.  I stepped on this scale and it read 4 lbs, 8 oz.  I think that's a good weight for me.  Shortly after they took us to an examination room.  And then Greg came in. 
After he started to look at me he started laughing about my tongue sticking out.  He asked if I always did that and He said pretty much.  Greg thought it was funny.  When asked if that (the tongue sticking out) wasn't normal, he said it was a-typical.  He hadn't seen it before.
Anyway, he swabbed my ears, looked at my eyes, had his hands all over me and listed to my heart with a stethoscope.  He pronounced me in good health and nothing appeared of any concern.  He then took off the leash and said he would come back with me after I had my shot.  Once he carried my into the next room, my mind's a blank.  I do recall squealing once but that was it.  He brought me back into the room and that was that.  I got a metal tag that says I've had my rabies shot.
He said I should reach full size between 9 and 12 months.  I could go up to 12-14 lbs.  Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.  But I've got to starting putting on the lbs if I'm going to reach my full size in 9 months.


You want to see a real baby?  I'll let you watch me get a shot some day.
Good news though.  I'm still sick!  I am coughing just as bad as before.  The doctor says it is due to residuals from when you were here.  I don't think so.  The house cleaning lady (you remember her, she rubbed your belly and you thanked her by nipping her ankles) will be by Thursday to clean the place.  If I still feel bad through next weekend I'll know it's not you!
As for the vet, just be glad it wasn't Mom taking you.  She has some terrible plans for you in a couple months.  I suggest that you avoid her and stop sleeping on your back after your 6 month birthday. 
Take Care and watch where you poop!




Tenzo Gram Day 3

Not much to report today (so far).  He took the car to get inspected and left me home.  I was disappointed but he left me with a bacon bone.  So all in all, it wasn't too bad. 
We were going for a walk when he came home (he was gone about 1 1/2 hours) but it started to drizzle and he didn't want to get his fur wet.  So we're enjoying one of those "I could have slept this morning" mornings.



Tenzo Gram  Day 4

Every day, something new to throw me off.  About 11 0'clock he decides to go for a walk.  Three miles... I made him pull me for the first half.  Then a nice lady walked back with us.  She asked all types of questions about me.  She said I'm the type of dog she intends to get.  No I'm worried about being abducted.
Mom talks to me all the time.  She acts like I'm a grand child.
This morning the Township workers are out to pave Brookdale Road, so after Norma left we walked to the entrance and looked at all the big equipment.  Then a big worker walked up to us.  (He weighed about 280, had a bandanna [bikers style] under his hard hat.  Wore a T-shirt that said vote yes for the union workers... get the picture??)
Anyway, he asks if I'm a Shih Tzu.  He said yes.  The guy says he knew it because he has one.  His is about 6 years old.  He said they are great dogs.  He gets his hair cut every month.  (By the way, one of his ancesters weon the AKC Westminster Kennel show.. price for his was $1600.  His wife worked with the owner, otherwise it would have been $3000.)  Another worker came up and he said, "See, I told you it was a Shih Tzu".  About that time the asphalt milling machine started up and we walked back to the house.
P.S.  Today will be day 4 of no accidents.



Tenzo Gram Day 5

Every day I feel like I can't believe what happens.  This morning we wet for another walk.  I didn't want to go, so I "resisted for the first half mile and we turned around and I still resisted.  That will show him who's the boss.
Unfortunately, he took me back to the car where he had a towel (it had recently rained again) whereupon he vigorously rubbed me dry, threw me in the car and we came home.  I promptly took a nap.
This afternoon, when she came home, I went out and didn't want to come in.  They forgot my leash was off.  I ran out into the driveway (where it was raining) and still wouldn't come in.  he had to track me down in the yard on the side.  He was upset with me.
Apparently to get even, they gave me a bath in the stationary tub.  First the wetness, then the shampoo, then the rinse, then the conditioner (for thicker fuller hair) and then cold vinegar and another rinse.
I'm still regular (I had BM's 3 times so far, I tell you that so you know they are feeding me although when I do get a taste of "real" food I like it.  I had a teensy scrap of steak last night and a blueberry (which I played with before eating after it fell on the floor).  Tonight he was having smoked salmon and didn't know there was liquid in the pouch.  It spilled on the floor and I got to a lot of it first.
I do have to admit I tinkled on the floor downstairs in the family room last night ( I didn't want to go out in the rain).  He took me out anyway and then promptly put me in my crate.  I slept until 6 am.



Tenzo Gram Day 6

I'm attacking the white battery dog as he types this for me.  All in all the last 1/2 day was win some, lose some.  For example, I did sleep last night... that's a win.  but I had to go to the potty at 4:45 am.  I guess that's a loss (from their perspective, not mine).
Then this morning the gave me a taste of her blueberry tea cake.  That was a yum, yum win.  Only one piece, that was a loss.
When she left for work, we went for a walk down on the path.  I partially cooperated on the mile up so that was a loss.  On the way down, he said I did really good.  I walked beside him for most of the way and didn't need to be pulled.  So that was a win.
During our walk we met a BIG Golden Retriever who was slobbering all over the place.  Meeting him was nice ( a win for neighborliness).  But having him slobber on my nice clean hair was a bummer (loss).  I also met a REALLY BIG dog.  He was down on all 4 legs and his rump was still higher than me.  I think he was a BIG Great Dane.  He was nice and didn't get upset when I nosed him in the face.  That was a win.  I did get the usual... "oh how cute" from a group of 4 girl runners, a single girl runner and several elderly couples.  I also got a few smiles and grins from others.  All in all, a win for the start of the day.



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