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 My time at the Grandparents

Week 1


Tenzo Gram #1

:)  Hi,
We (he and I) went out at 7 am for our morning constitutional.  Then back in my kennel till 8.  I think I needed more sleep.  About noon we went to get more gourmet treats for moi.  I know there were biscotti and some snickerdoodles.  I will get some on my drive to Chicago.  Do you realize for my young age, I've been in 5 states already.  I'm trying to catch up to mom.
Well, I can tell you I like Henrietta.  She was very generous in her praise for me and picked me up several times to rub me.  Unfortunately she got a little frazzled when I tried to like her face.  But she kept opening her arms to hold me.  She thought I was the cutest dog.
When g'mom took her home she couldn't remember the name... she said say hi to, um... and g'mon said Laura? and Henrietta said no, John.  So she remembers the men.
If dad will yodel for us, g'mom says she'll go to the Swiss festival.
Right now, I'm zooming again as he types this for me.  I was out chasing the ball twice in the last hour.  I'm not sure you realize the speed with which I can now zoom.
Don't forget, it's only 3 days and a wake up.



Tenzo Gram #2

:(  :(
Double sheesh!  Jeez Louise I can't understand it.  Everything was going so well yesterday until I peed on the bedroom carpet.  She says she knew something because I immediately low-tailed it into the kennel.  We weren't running around like the last several nights when I had memory problems.  Maybe the midwest air will help, since both of you will be way more understanding.  Probably won't even bother you I bet.
We went for a walk this morning (two miles).  I had my BM when we came back.
Yesterday my tummy was a little upset for a little while, but I'm ok today.  They think I ate to fast... it did taste good.
Only two and a wake-up to go.  :)



Tenzo Gram #3

Got through yesterday with no accidents.  We went for a our final walk on the path this morning.  It was a 3 mile scorcher.  The humidity was really high and the temperature was in the 70's.  It was nice to hear your voices last evening, but he and I aren't quite sure what type of affair we'll be attending next Sunday.  Of course I'll be at my cutest since my new "doo" will still be good.
We have to be at the groomers at 8:00 am.  Then I guess we'll get things ready for the trip home.
We went out looking for mars in the eastern sky after sunset but didn't see it because of the cloud cover.
One and a wake-up to go.
:)  "T" 



Tenzo Gram #4

I know I'm a little late writing but the groomers plum wore me out.  All I've been doing is sleeping all day.  They wonder if they give us pooches a sedative or something because I was really, really sleepy.
It's now 7 and I have more pep.
We came back from a trip to get gas, laundry and 1/4 lb each of chocolate covered apricots and chocolate covered orange rinds for you know who.  I couldn't understand what they were mumbling.  Anyway, he's packing tonight and trying to decide where all my stuff goes.
Oh yes, with my new look I still get admiring glances.  A couple going into Sarris Candies stopped to pet me and comment on my pretty color.  They have one of my brothers and said we make great pets.  So there!
Just a wake up is all that is left.
I can't wait.  I'm getting so excited I could almost pee in my pants.  If I wore pants that is.
Love ya.
See you tomorrow.
Your prodigal son,

  <Sweet home Chicago>


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