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 My time at the Grandparents

Week 5

We went on another 3 mile hike this morning.  Again, very humid.
Last night the lady two doors up (owner of the barking Schnauzer "Mike") came over to see me and made all the typical comments. 
We played "come" for a while (until my tongue hung out more than usual).  Several walks around the building and then I wanted to crash... so I did.
We went to the XXXXX South's office this am.  Everyone (and I do mean everyone) just loved me and several volunteered to take me home.  Even the boss lady was gooing over moi.  Nirma was carrying me around for everone to see.   She said she had 5 firm offers.
Now I'm going to take a nap.

Tenzo Gram Day 1

Today is a lazy dog day.  We went for a tow mile walk and I met a Great Dane and two Greyhounds.  It was real humid.  But then it kept getting darker and now in the afternoon it is raining.  He and I laid down to sleep and everything was fine for about 1/2 hour.  Then we carried me up stairs and she held me for about 20 minutes just rubbing me and making me feel good.  Then she took me into the bedroom and laid me on her tummy.  Later he came in and laid down too.  At one point I fell asleep again (updside down).  Right now she's asleep on the bed and I'm about 20 seconds from falling asleep sitting by the computer. I think the rain is affecting everyone.



Tenzo Gram  Day 2

I seem to be adjusting to the Innovia puppy chow.  I finished my bowl today plus a little extra Innovia.  This morning I chewed through the wires on the barking dog.  He no longer does unless he fixes him with tape, connecting wires, etc.  We had an active evening last night, but I hung in there until early bed time about 9:35 p.m.  Both of them think I'm showing more signs of learning routines.  I generally sit down when told to stay.  I chase the ball but I don't always let it go when I come back.  I also run in the side and front yards, but don't go any further.  I like to chase after joggers when they pass me going in out direction.  And, I generally eat twice a day.  About 1/2 to 1 hour after I get up and about 5:30 to 6:30 in the evening.  And, I still like to be stroked under the chin, on my rib cage, on my back... in fact all over.  When I wake up, I like to be held and petted for about 1/2 hour.  I don't try to bite or even lick.  I just yawn and stretch.

Tenzo Gram Day 3

I'm a little tired today.  I had to go to the bathroom, so he took me out at 2:30 a.m., at which time I had a BM.  My whole day was sort of screwed up yesterday.  He went to get a Pro Time and put me in the crate and didn't get back for about an hour.  We had spotty weather so no long walk yesterday.  Then about 2:30 p.m. I was put back in the crate so he could go to the cardiologist.  They both arrived home about the same time (5:30).  We played until I went to bed at 9:45.  So all in all, I slept more yesterday than normal, so that might account for my light sleep.
I'm getting better at sitting by the door until they notice.  So I guess that means they're getting trained.  I can also "stay" when told especially during the day when he goes to the bedroom or bathroom.  I can wait very good he says.
See you soon.



Tenzo Gram  Day 4

I was hoping they wouldn't show you this picture of me when I look my worst.  The water was warm, but it was still wet!   Why they laughed a lot I don't understand.
He and I went for a walk yesterday for 2.5 miles.  We played a lot in the afternoon and when we were coming in I spotted Jurnigan Hall (next door) and he came to play.  And then the lady in the next house came down and asked to take me to her Schnauzer "Nick".  He's a lot quieter than me.  Anyway we played outside for a while.



Tenzo Gram Day 5

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be good.  When he picked me up at the groomers, I was really sleepy since I had been awake since about 9:30 a.m. and here it was going on 4:00 p.m.  Well anyway I was good.  He even asked at the groomers and they said I was good.  Then when she came home and saw me, she started laughing out loud.  I swear she laughed OUT LOUD in the garage and  the driveway and continued for several minutes.  I grant that she picked me up and was holding me nicely... but still, she was laughing out loud.  Apparently he had called her on the way home and asked her to pick up some film so they could capture my cuteness.  (They did take pictures for you).  But cute and being laughed at are two different things.  I was kind of tired the rest of the day so maybe it showed in my eyes, you know what I mean?  Like when people say you look tired.
On the other hand my hair is now blond-white on my back as opposed to the picture below.
There was supposed to be a concert in the park yesterday evening at 7:00 p.m. so we got ready to go.  It was rained out and moved to the high school, so we went down to the path and walked a mile.  While we were walking we passed a man working on his bike and he said, "Watch out, I've got an attack dog here"!  The man said, "You don't look like a threat with a dog that looks like that".  I'm not sure what he meant but they both chuckled.  Later, on the same walk a couple of ladies stopped us and said how cute I looked.  Another lady who I saw once before also stopped us and was very complimentary.  Looking forward to seeing you real, real soon.

Tenzo Gram Day 6

 We had a fun walk this morning.  He "led" going up the first mile, but I ran his legs off coming back for mile two.  I was really going fast.  He couldn't keep up after a while because I had him running.
Yesterday I helped him wash and wax the car.  Actually I was bored watching him do it, but there was no other action going on.    A lady who lives in the next building stopped as she and her husband were leaving and opened the door so I could say hi.  She said I was sooo cute.  She was happy to have stopped and given me a quick petting.  (It's something I just do).
So I didn't get much exercise yesterday morning/afternoon.  But I made up for it.  Last evening she said I was wild.  I was having a good time "zooming".  That's what they call my wild abandon runs when I go at top speed around my toys, under and around furniture, out the room and back in.  It should be more fun to do that on hard wood, don't you think.  They can't figure out why/when the urge to run hits me and I won't tell.
Oh yes, there is one other thing.  She taught me how to climb the stairs.  After I went up by myself (14 steps) called him and then they encourage me to do it again.  Then she was worried I would fall down and hurt myself.  So no more practice (ha, ha).  She went up and I stayed down.  A few minutes later he called "Tenzo" when he didn't see me but by that time I was at the next to the top step.  I made that climb just for me.  I'm not too sure about coming down alone, but I can do it with some help.  Now when we're in the computer area he blocks the door so I can't go up by myself.  killjoy.

Tenzo Gram Day 7

I was good and bad again.  I went out at 7a.m. and did my business and then 1/2 hour later I had to have another BM.  I did try to alert him but I'm not good on message sending and I had another BM in the hall.  He said the stool was semi-soft.  Later, when they came home from grocery shopping, I had another one and it was soft.  They're not sure if it's the food or not.
Since then I've been fine and feel ok, except I'm sleepy now while I lay on his lap and let him type this.  In fact I told him what I wanted to say and I'm conking out.
Since it rained last evening, I couldn't get out much but that was ok.  We played with the ball and all my other toys.  He has to fix the white dog (either today or tomorrow) while she can watch me while he works on it.  Otherwise it is too tempting not to play with.
My molars are starting to come in and my front canine teeth are getting real sharp and slightly bigger.
We went to the bank yesterday and she made me so excited I think I peed on the floor.  Maybe not, but, maybe too.  She gave me three biscuit treats.  They want me to come back.
The picture above was one early evening when we were sitting on the porch.

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