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 My time at the Grandparents

Week 7


Tenzo Gram #3

This morning it was a little cooler, around 63, so we went for a 2.5 mile walk and were back home by 8:00 a.m.  A lady who was starting when we finished, had her dog on a leash and said how really cute I looked (and me with my tongue hanging out from all the exertion). 
Yesterday we kind of hung around when g'dad went to count money.  When he came back he waxed g'mom's car and then celebrated by giving me the remaining 1/4 cup of ice cream he found in the freezer (It was hot and humid yesterday).  He cut the top 1/2 off the quart package so I could get to it.  When it was gone, I played with the container for about an hour.  I went for several walks and we played with the tennis ball outside several times.  The lady up the street stopped her car and jumped out to talk with me and say how cute I was (I haven't let all these compliments go to my head).  Last evening I had the runs (the kind where I zoom around the room, under furniture, in figure eights and circles.  I guess I did that for nearly 20 minutes.  I don't know why.  G'dad said I won't be able to do that in Chicago because of the wood floors... I'll just slide and not get any traction.  On my final walk with G'mom several people stopped us to chat about me and were sorry to hear I'm not going to be here long.  Even the lady from Scotland, Liz, who has a small yip-yap dog said I was really cute.
Only 10 days to go.



Tenzo Gram #3

Hi, :)
You should have seen me when we turned on our 3 mile walk this morning.  He was feeling the first mile and a half at the turn around point when I became the Tibetan sled dog.  I was pulling him.  My hair was blown back and my strong back muscles were evident as I tried to lurch further and faster.  He kept trying to slow me down.  After about a mile, I let him lead until the very end, but it was glorious.  I admit he did have to pull me for most of the way up, but my class showed in the end.
I guess she sent you a note saying I was bad.  I won't dignify that with a response except to say she called him to the computer to show him that I was laying on the keyboard.  Now how could that happen if she hadn't put me up there? 
I wasn't too hungry yesterday and they were worried.  I think I'm fine.  I ate some this morning and will have more this evening. 
It's supposed to get warm today (upper 80's). Only 8 more days.



Tenzo Gram #4

We're getting close... only one week now.
Yesterday was a good day.  We took it easy throughout the afternoon but when she came home things picked up.  I ran and ran and ran.  Circles, figure eights, loops, under chairs tables, down the hall, etc.  I even ran a bit this morning.  We haven't gone for a walk since he has to go into the office today.  I don't think I'm going with him.
Tonight we are going to go the concert in the park.  It's a musical group from Duquesne University's music school.  We'll be sitting on the hillside.  I'm looking forward to it.  The last couple concerts were rained out.  But, it will be warm.



Tenzo Gram #5

:)  Hi,
Here's a question for you... what does 11760 represent?
I'll let you figure that one out. 
Today started out with a two mile walk.  He pulled me up the first mile while I pulled him down the 2nd mile.  It was getting more and more humid so we only went 2 miles.  It's supposed to hit 90 today (almost as hot as Chicago, my home town).  Don't forget, next week today, we're on our way.  He told two ladies walking up when we were coming down, I was a "start the day with a smile" dog".  They were smiling when they saw me and they agreed.
From there it went downhill.  That is when we got home, I ran upstairs and he ordered (actually ordered me down).  I didn't want to come down.  He said "COME" several times and I just looked at him from the top step with the same look that got the ladies to smile.  He didn't think it funny for some reason and came up after me not looking amused.  I knew I was in trouble then, but I have my pride so I wasn't going to come down.  Well, he grabbed me and down we went and I went into the kennel while he worked a  crossword puzzle.  Then he got a shower.  We're downstairs now and I'm zooming around and leaping at and playing with my pacifier.
Last evening we went to a concert in the park.  They were featuring a jazz guitar group called "Catch 22".  Dad would really enjoy some of their music.  There was a dog near us that they wouldn't let me go nuzzle with.  Both said HE was well behaved.  Then they both agreed one or both of you should take me to obedience school, what ever that is.  I sat on his lap most of the concert although she did take me for two walks (she was afraid I'd go to the bathroom, but I didn't).  There weren't too many people there and only the one dog, although right before we left another one came.  I didn't get near him.
Oh yes, he gave me a bath yesterday, so I am fresh and clean.
See you soon,



Tenzo Gram #6

Well I'll start with the bad news since you will find out anyway.  I almost made it to 3 weeks.  I don't know what happened. 
First she thought I was trying to bite her.  I was just playing a teething game.  She was really getting frustrated because I didn't stop biting her fingers and hands.  Then when it was about 10 minutes before kennel time i goofed.  I was playing with some toys (the pacifier and/or a ball - he would throw it and I'd bring it back and we'd struggle for it and when he got it he'd throw it again).  I went out of the room and he came looking for me when I didn't return.  I went to see her (she was on the computer downstairs).  He came in the room and I went out to the door and peed right there.  I knew I was in trouble the minute it happened.  Sure enough, the error of my ways were pointed out to me and the next thing I know I was outside where I had to urinate again and deficate.  Then boom, into the kennel.  This morning I was "cautioned" about getting on any carpteting.
This morning we went for a walk right after she left.  It was about 75 degrees with a humidity level around 85.  We got 2 miles in but boy was it a struggle.  I was huffing and puffing like the little train that could.  Did that water taste good when we got back to the car.  When we finally got into the house, I just laid on the floor and let my belly get cool on the tiles.
We're getting close, this is my last weekend here.



c/o 'The big guy'
Please come home soon.  We are worried about John's health.  He needs someone to go out and exercise and play with.  We watch him all night and he isn't sleeping well because of his cough. His job isn't keeping him busy enough and he is fiddling around doing geeky stuff like.  www.tenzo.org .
Makes us all want to yak!
Manny, Moe, Jack and the two girls
AKA The Fish



Tenzo Gram #7

Shheesh!! I did it again.  We were playing with my toys downstairs and I had to go.  So I did on the carpet in the laundry room.  They didn't want to wait until Thursday if you know what I mean.  I'm blaming it on the "dog days of summer" which is now.  It was off to bed right after that.
Today we went down to the path and walked up one mile and stopped for coffee/tea and blueberry muffins (of which I didn't get any).  I had to go here too.  Luckily it was a wood chip area with the tables and chairs so cleaning up wasn't too difficult.  He always has a plastic bag in his pocket.
Which reminds me, if you haven't already started, start saving those bags the newspaper comes in.  Just the right size.
They went for groceries (I stayed home) and then this afternoon we went to Simmons.  I went along for that ride.
We all read dad's email and went to the Tenzo.com web site.  Parts are cute.  They didn't think mom's full name (birthday page) should be on the internet with all the psychos running around in the world.
Great Aunt Henrietta's coming for risotto dinner tomorrow.  She asks about me and dad a lot.  She didn't ask about G'dad or mom.  Mostly me (and a little bit on dad).  She sounds cute.
We're getting close, only 4.5 days now.  :)  :)  :)


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